crafting a more connected tomorrow

Median Digital (MD) seeks to bring forth the next digital revolution and envisions a new reality for the satellite industry with total connectivity under the brand name GLOBEBAND.


We want to bridge the digital divide

We focus on satellite communications (SATCOM), encompassing infrastructures and platforms. The Company aims to be a prominent satellite broadband infrastructure provider, leveraging Q/V-band data transmission to meet higher capacity and throughput demand.

Geostationary Satellite Orbital Positions for the provision of SATCOM services in various commercial and government frequency bands
LEO satellites in the first batch to offer very low latency, ensuring global coverage and seamless connectivity
Times cheaper than existing operators, making Median Digital a cost-effective solution for high-capacity satellite communication services

Goals and strategies

make a step to better capacity

Our GEO and LEO satellite networks will consist of multiple components, which will be deployed in several phases. When it is fully deployed, it will provide seamless global connectivity, without relying on any third party’s terrestrial infrastructure, and will enable the creation of high-speed virtual data circuits between any points on Earth within the network’s coverage

Be the pioneers of the industry

We aim to conquer the market by utilizing the most advanced and up-to-date technology stack. In partnership with the French engineering company, we are developing the Ultra High-Throughput Satellite (UHTS), producing a highly reliable capacity for data service delivery through Extremely High Frequency (EHF). In addition to that, we want to adopt the next satellite industry evolutionary milestone, Q/V-Band. By reaching the milestone, we will be able to compete directly on pricing, reliable bandwidth allocation, and throughput with fiber, microwave links, HTS Ku/C-band, HTS Ka-band, and planned other LEO satellite networks

use blockchain technology

We plan on using Blockchain Technology to preserve a distributed data ledger of its satellite network telemetry data, network status records, each satellite, inter-satellite link utilization, and more. This will allow us to keep safe detailed historical data that can be used for space asset tracking & monitoring, network troubleshooting, and more.


Geostationary Satellite orbital positions
Use of four Geostationary Satellite Orbital Positions for the provision of satellite communications services in various commercial and government frequency bands.
5X data capacity
and 3.8X cheaper
Our advanced SATCOM solutions allow us to increase bandwidth abilities while offering much more affordable connectivity.
Global coverage
Our GEO and LEO satellite networks will provide seamless global connectivity, without relying on any third party’s terrestrial infrastructure.



Median Digital’s satellite network offers government agencies robust and cost-effective connectivity, especially in areas lacking reliable terrestrial networks. This benefits institutions like schools, hospitals, and post offices. Our network also supports national security tasks like surveillance and inter-agency communication. Enhanced with blockchain, we ensure efficient tracking and heightened service reliability.

Median Digital’s satellite network boosts telecom coverage and reliability. Using GEO and LEO satellites with Q/V-Band and W-Band frequencies, we offer fast, high-capacity connections, even in remote areas. This helps operators serve more customers and ensures consistent service. Our advanced technologies, including inter-satellite links and blockchain, further improve our network’s dependability.

Median Digital’s satellite network gives businesses a clear advantage. For an international company wanting steady worldwide communication, a delivery service tracking its vehicles, or a far-off mining site needing good internet, our satellites can help. We use both GEO and LEO satellites with Q/V-Band and W-Band frequencies to offer fast and high-quality connections. This is great for improving operations and customer service, no matter a big bank or data center.

At the heart of Median Digital’s mission is the everyday individual. Our satellite network is designed to empower people, ensuring that everyone has access to fast and reliable internet. Whether it’s a student accessing online education, a farmer checking weather forecasts, or families staying connected across continents, our technology bridges the digital divide. We’re not just connecting devices; we’re bringing people closer together, fostering understanding, and creating a world where opportunities are just a click away.

we’re crafting a more connected tomorrow

Technologies used

space segment
ground segment
Satellite Networks
Median Digital plans to deploy a network of GEO and LEO satellites to provide global coverage and meet future demand for high-capacity data services.
Platforms & Coverage
Our Satellite Network offers global coverage with both Open Network Platforms for telco operators and Closed Network Platforms for government and commercial entities.
Flexible Inter-Satellite Link Technology
This technology offers very low latency and operates with W-band frequencies. It also allows for flexible routing of signals between satellites.
Strategically located they serve as the primary link between the satellite network and the terrestrial internet. They operate in various commercial and government frequency bands, including the Q/V-Band and W-Band.
Ground Stations
These provide crucial last-mile connectivity to end-users. They are designed to be easily deployable, enabling satellite internet access even in the most remote and underserved areas.
Points of Presence
Our LEO satellite network boasts a swift connection to local terrestrial networks, offering the flexibility to serve as either a public or private Point of Presence (POP).


I am proud to lead a team that is at the forefront of the satellite communications industry. We are committed to revolutionizing the way the world connects by leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. Our vision is to provide seamless, high-capacity, and cost-effective global connectivity. We believe in a future where everyone, regardless of their location, has access to high-quality internet connectivity. At Median Digital, we are working tirelessly to make this future a reality.

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