Median Ground segment

Explore how our advanced ground-based infrastructure upgrades internet connectivity, bringing affordable high-speed access to remote areas and empowering communities worldwide.


We focus on satellite communications (SATCOM), encompassing infrastructures and platforms. The Company aims to be a prominent satellite broadband infrastructure provider, leveraging affordable high-speed internet access to remote areas.



Median Digital’s gateways, strategically located worldwide, are the primary link between our satellite network and the terrestrial internet. They operate in various frequency bands, including Q/V-Band and W-Band, to meet high-capacity demand. A key feature is the 2:1 redundancy, ensuring high reliability and availability. This redundancy minimizes service interruptions, providing our customers with consistent connectivity and giving us a competitive edge in the market.

ground Stations

Median Digital’s ground stations are a key component of our ground infrastructure, providing essential last-mile connectivity to users, even in the most remote locations. They form a crucial part of the network ensuring terrestrial backbone connectivity. The development and construction of these earth stations are set to commence in the latter half of 2023. They are part of an open platform for telco operators, functioning like a Software-Defined Network (SDN) for the satellite ground segment.

points of presence

Our LEO satellite network boasts a swift connection to local terrestrial networks, offering the flexibility to serve as either a public or private Point of Presence (POP). When utilized as a Private POP, it can craft secure virtual data circuits that are immune to snooping and surveillance, ensuring user privacy through full end-to-end encryption. On the other hand, when functioning as a Public POP, it provides access to international backbone networks. This facilitates local access to global data by seamlessly interconnecting with the local terrestrial network.

Redundancy setup

Terrestrial backbone connectivity
With sufficient ground infrastructure, we ensure solid and uninterrupted connectivity, along with high-speed data transmission. This builds a reliable foundation for our SATCOM services.
GEO satellite network equipped with at least 2:1 gateway redundancy
With an advanced redundancy setup, we ensure continuous and reliable connectivity, minimizing disruptions and providing our users with an unparalleled experience.
Full mesh mode with Flex ISL/Flexi Route
Embracing Flex ISL/Flexi Route, we deliver unparalleled data exchange capabilities, robustness, and low latency, elevating the way we connect and communicate in the modern era.


A mesh topology is a design where satellites interconnect, allowing data to take multiple paths. Median Digital’s LEO satellite network operates using a full-mesh mode, where each node is directly connected to every other node, allows for flexible and efficient routing of data across the network. This ensures uninterrupted communication even if a satellite fails.

We utilize Flex-ISL/Flexi-Route technologies to manage the data flow in this mesh network, enhancing its ability to provide fiber-like connectivity even to the most remote locations on the planet, including intercontinental cargo ships. Such a system offers enhanced reliability, flexibility in data routing, and efficient handling of high traffic loads.